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Recommended Retail Prices

Recommended prices, in £ Sterling, will be fixed until 1 November 2019 (discounts are available for multiple orders and collaborating institutions).

Conditions for Direct Purchase

Payments must be made in advance by bank transfer, credit card or cleared cheque; letters of credit are no longer acceptable. Orders are initially quoted in UK£ - payments are also accepted in US$ or € (at current exchange rate). Packing and delivery charges are not included and will be added to invoice. International deliveries do not include customs charges, local transport, etc; they will normally be sent by air-freight to the nearest international airport.

£ Sterling   
MH 1, MH 5
MH3: guide prices for supply with installation
  (depending on specific requirements and location)

POA from approx:     
   to £45,000   

MH3: supply only of cyclones and direct drive fan unit

... optional switchgear and belt drive for fan
MycoHarvester 6 (small-scale model): 220v inverter (50 or 60 Hz: specify)
MycoHarvester 6: 3-phase with starter (220-280 vΔ, 60 Hz)
New MH6 motor unit (specify) with inverter/starter and tube (fan unit replacement / upgrading of MH5)
Substrate column (2019 specification)
other modifications to MH6 for continuous
    processing or special substrates

Spare cylinders (same fittings for both primary and secondary with MH 3 and MH 6)
  capacity (height in mm), most suitable for:
     0.75 litre (100mm) MH 6
     1.0 litre (125 mm) MH 6
     2.0 litre (250 mm) MH 3 & MH 6
     3.0 litre (375 mm) MH 3



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Updated 16/6/2019